Let Indie Puzzler Satellina Hypnotize You Next Week

Next week, Moon Kid is debuting their first game, Satellina, on the iOS App Store. A minimalist puzzle game, Satellina’s players must trace their finger through puzzles to eliminate all of the dots on the screen.

Easier said than done, of course.

There are three sets of dots: green, yellow, and red. Tracing over the green dots eliminates them, and once all the green dots are gone, the leftover yellow dots shift to green dots, and the red dots shift to yellow dots. Clear the second set of green dots to begin clearing the (originally red) final set of green dots.

Sat1The dots are constantly spinning around making navigating around the hazard dots much more challenging. A smart player will pause and observe the pattern the puzzle flows in before jumping in to try and clear it.

To compliment the necessity of pattern-recognition, Moon Kid included a time mechanic in Satellina which will encourage those who enjoy speedrunning to give each and every level their best shot.

Satellina is arriving January 22nd for iOS, and January 29th for Android.

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