Legends of Loot Preview

Relieve dragons of their personal belongings with Legends of Loot

Never laugh at live dragons, especially if they live in lairs that are outfitted with dead ends, spikes, buzzsaws, monsters, and rolling 8-balls. Majesco’s Legends of Loot, a dungeon-crawler for iOS and Android, challenges you to search for dragons’ hordes, but be warned: dragons guard their bling with tremendous passion.

You begin Legends of Loot as a humble adventurer who is in search of fame and fortune at the expense of several dragon overlords. As you push ahead on your quest, you find gold, crystals, and artifacts, all of which can be put up for display in your Treasure Room.

Needless to say, dragons are jealous creatures and they don’t give up their belongings easily. To gain access to the big lizards’ stockpiles, you need to fight enemies, solve puzzles, dodge traps, and eventually face off against the dragons themselves.

Legends of Loot

Legends of Loot

Legends of Loot treats the player to classic dungeon-crawling fun, and it’s heavy on action. The touch-screen plays a big factor in battles, as certain gestures and swipes translate into attacks and dodges. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some awesome armor and weapons to help you complete your monster-slaying tasks. ProTip: Fighting dragons while wearing an oil-soaked hunk of cardboard is not recommended.

Legends of Loot is slated for a Summer 2012 release, so you have plenty of time to douse yourself in ice water before venturing forth.

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