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There’s no such thing as too much dungeon

A dungeon is worth 1,000 words – or so they say. But if a dungeon is procedurally generated, does that make it worth an infinite amount of words? Just thinking about it has my brain on the verge of implosion. What have you done to me, Legend of Dungeon?

Maybe we should ignore my mental failings and talk about the game instead. Legend of Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with roguelike sensibilities. Put another way, dying will likely land you back at the beginning of whatever dungeon you’re in. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go it alone: the game will have local co-op, allowing up to four players to fight their way through the stony, pixelated depths.

As mentioned, dungeons in the game are procedurally generated, making it a new experience every single time. You may encounter 1,000 enemy skeletons in one run, only to see nothing but lovable kitties when next you play. Assuming there are cats in the game, that is.

Legend of Dungeon will also feature those retro graphics all the kids have been raving about, though it’s changing things up a bit with “dynamic lighting” and “real-time shadows.” Going by the above trailer, it seems like both will enhance the experience in some pretty interesting ways.

Legend of Dungeon

The game is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux, although a release date hasn’t been announced just yet. A bummer, I know, but maybe the fact that it will be free of DRM will cheer you up. Take that, the man

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