Learn About the Survivor System in The Walking Dead: March to War

It might seem pretty obvious that in a post-apocalyptic world, especially one filled with ravenous walkers and dangerous fellow humans like in Disruptor Beam’s upcoming The Walking Dead: March to War, the primary goal is simply to stay alive. But there are survivors and then there are Survivors with a capital ‘S.’

As explained today in an interview with Michael Leoncavallo, Senior Game Designer on The Walking Dead: March to War, Survivors will play a crucial role in helping each player gain a foothold in the game’s dangerous setting. They can be used to gather resources, tackle missions or even attack other players, though they need to be recruited before they will follow your lead — and in one of the cooler reveals, the techniques for doing so come straight from the Walking Dead comic books.

They’re even customizable, able to learn specific Talents that allow them to fill specialized roles as you see fit.

The Walking Dead: March to War

“I’d have to say that currently, Talents are my favorite thing about Survivors,” Leoncavallo said in a new company blog post. “I like how my Survivors gain additional Talents as I level them up, allowing me to give them a role and specialization. Right now I have a Sniper that is specialized in Missions, so it’s a lot of fun using her to help me complete Missions that are normally beyond the capability of a player at my level.”

The entire post is worth reading to learn more about the Survivor system and the different landmarks around the D.C. area that fans of the franchise will recognize. On top of that, Disruptor Beam is giving you a chance to become a Survivor, and without even having to experience a zombie apocalypse to do so. Just visit the March to War Facebook page between now and March 13, drop in a comment about which three items you’d bring with you to help survive The Walking Dead and wait to see if you’re one of two lucky winners to have their likenesses (and those of one friend each) turned into in-game Survivor portraits.

And while you wait to see if you’re going to be immortalized in digital form, you can also head to the official March to War site and register via email or Facebook. The game is due later this year, but that’s still plenty of time to brush up on your survival skills.

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