Kite Surfer Preview

Skim forever on the seas with this endless runner from Lemondo.

Humankind has a real problem with making light of things that are much, much more powerful than our weaksauce waterbag bodies. Take our tendency to taunt the oceans, for example. The oceans are billions of years older than us, ruled by currents that can smash rocks over time, and each one is stocked with wildlife that are pretty much made out of teeth. Nevertheless, we go ahead and rig ourselves with parachutes and surfboards and skim the top of this monstrous force of nature. For fun. Maybe our species is better off challenging the ocean digitally with KiteSurfer for iOS.


KiteSurfer is an endless running game (though it’s not to be confused with the classic novel The Kite Runner). The goal is to kite surf your way through oceans and rivers while collecting as many coins as you can. You also need to avoid slamming into objects like rocks, boats, boxes and small islands (remember what we said earlier about how the ocean is always out to kill you?).

Luckily, there are lots of power-ups that you can collect for a smooth run. You can grab a wind-powered fan that helps you fly, a multiplier that doubles your earnings, a magnet that brings coins directly to your person, and a helmet that protects you against injuries—but when engaging in potentially dangerous sports, a helmet should always be your first priority anyway.


Aside from its cute and colorful visuals, KiteSurfer also features a “rewind” option that lets you go back in time and re-do a disastrous run that ended with you getting intimate with some flotsam.

KiteSurfer arrives in May. Hang ten! Does anyone say that anymore?  

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