Kingsman: The Golden Circle RPG Coming in September

If there’s a movie franchise in recent memory that deserves some more video game love, it’s got to be Kingsman. Based on The Secret Service comic book, the first movie was one of those rare Hollywood surprises, a wildly entertaining blend of over-the-top action, humor and style. The sequel is coming this fall, and NHN Pixelcube and FoxNext Games are hoping to bring some of its excitement to mobile.

The companies announced this week that Kingsman: The Golden Circle will release globally in September. Here’s what you can expect from it:

Join the Kingsman agency! Prove you have what it takes to be a real Kingsman and live out Kingsman’s greatest battles in a brand-new real-time action puzzle mobile game!  Pass your training by completing Merlin’s virtual simulation. Step into the shoes of Eggsy, Harry, Roxy, and many more, each with their own style, skills and gadgets, and save the world from the hidden threats that lurk within.

“Our passionate development team is hard at work to deliver an exciting game that matches the exceptional quality of the Kingsman brand’s stylish action,” Seunghye Lee, CEO of NHN Pixelcube, said in a press release. “We know the Kingsman mobile game will be a AAA quality game for a global audience The first Kingsman film was widely popular in South Korea, amassing a colossal audience and we look forward to delivering a rewarding experience for fans here and around the world.”

The game will feature both single-player and PvP modes, but there is one thing that gives us a little pause: it’s described as a “real-time action puzzle RPG.” We’re hoping that isn’t code for match-3, but even if it is, we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt until we get a chance to play it.

No word on platforms but it seems reasonable to expect Kingsman: The Golden Circle on both iOS and Android. We’ll keep an eye out for more details and practice dressing a little bit sharper in the meantime.

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