King’s Diamond Digger Saga Soft Launches in Canada

Looking for your next Saga addiction? Diamond Digger Saga — less a match-3 game than a Collapse-style game — has just soft launched in Canada.

The game debuted on Facebook earlier this year, and when we looked at it the, we very much liked what we say. Our Diamond Digger Saga review called it “another puzzle game that will gulp down hours of your time like a hungry sandworm from the depths of Arrakis.”

We have the great Nadia Oxford to thank for that wordplay.


Players in Diamond Digger Saga tap on groups of matching diamonds to clear the way for water that needs to flow from one part of the screen to another.

I was a sucker for Zynga’s similar but now defunct Ruby Blast Adventures (RIP), and I’ll no doubt be a sucker for this one too. You can grab it from the Canadian App Store (here’s how to get a Canadian iTunes account if you don’t have one), or wait patiently for Diamond Digger Saga’s worldwide release date, which we’ve been told is “soon.”

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