King Tongue Shows Off its Very Sticky Tongue November 19th

Tongues can be dangerous, it seems. As we’ll learn November 19th with the release of King Tongue, a frantic arcade platformer featuring gorillas.

You control King Tongue, Lord of the Monkeys, as he uses his ridiculously stretchy and sticky tongue to fend off the evil Banana King and his Bananaramy.

It’s as zany as it sounds with single presses having you launch your tongue like a grappling hook to negotiate the environment or to take out your enemies. You’ll be able to rack up combos as you fling yourself from platform to platform, marvelling at just how sticky that tongue really is.

King Tongue looks rather charming and cute. We’ll know even more about it once it hits the App Store November 19th. Android and Windows Mobile versions are set to be announced soon.

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