Kendall and Kylie Is Glu’s Latest Celebrity Game, out Now in Canada

If you can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood-style social games, don’t worry your little head for even a second. Glu Games has you covered over and over. Even if the world should descend into an apocalyptic glitter-war, you will have endless opportunities to download and play games about building up your social presence in the shadow of a celebrity.

Sure enough, Glu’s latest, Kendall and Kylie, treads familiar territory in the tallest and most fashionable of high heels. The game is currently in soft-launch in Canada (click here if you’d like to learn how to make a Canadian iTunes account to check our Kendall and Kylie for yourself.)

Like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and its sister-apps, Kendall and Kylie is a social adventure game that’s all about working yourself up from a nobody to a Kardashian-level socialite. You start off sweeping floors in a salon (and dealing with irate, ultra-privileged customers), but over time you make friends, increase your presence on social media, and gradually become big news — provided you network accordingly.


Needless to say, you also have access to a huge wardrobe, thereby allowing you to select the right clothes for the right occasion. Some outfits are prohibitively expensive (hey, you’re in Malibu, baby), so you need to watch your energy bar while you grind for money.

Or you can use real-world cash to buy lots of Gems and fast-track your way to glamour and glitter, fashion and fame. Is that fair? Technically not, but it certainly doesn’t feel out of place in a game that’s all about getting ahead in Hollywood.

Kendall and Kylie was first announced back in March of 2015, and while there’s no word on when Glu’s latest celebrity game plans on taking its fame worldwide, we can’t imagine you’ll have to wait much longer.

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