Kabam Announces Marvel Mobile Brawler Contest of Champions

While they may be best known for midcore strategy games like Dragons of Atlantis and Kingdoms of Camelot, Kabam isn’t afraid to color outside the lines a bit. With their next title, they’ll be coloring outside of the lines of a Marvel comic book.


Marvel Conquest of Champions (which shares its name with a 1982 Marvel story of the same name) will be an action title in which players fight their way through notable set pieces in the comics world, collecting different characters as they go.


There’s little to go on yet, but part of me wonders if this will be a little like Infinity Blade (but with new characters instead of new equipment).


Marvel’s first attempt at something like that – Avengers Inititative – wasn’t so great. But with a different studio at the helm and a generally good track record for action games and the Marvel universe (Marvel vs. Capcom, anyone?), we’re going to keep our hopes high for this one.

Marvel Contest of Champions is expected to launch this Fall on smartphones and tablets.

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