Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin Preview

By Erin Bell |

In Namco’s upcoming hidden object game Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin you’ll step into the shoes of Cathy, an investigative journalist whose latest assignment has her following a trail of clues to uncover the truth behind strange glowing runes that are appearing around the world.

 The Eye of Odin

According to Namco, players assist Cathy by finding items from a list of objects hidden in the current locations. Once Cathy has found everything on her list, a special item will appear and must be located before moving on. Certain items will trigger mini-games like drawing puzzles, photo hunts, and jigsaws.

The game will feature more than 25 locations to explore, 15 mini-games and puzzles, and a recharging Hint Meter that highlights one object on the screen per charge. Cathy will also need to take photographs to add to her report.

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