Join the Beta for Boomzap’s Super Awesome Quest

By Jim Squires |

While they may not be terribly well known for their mobile games just yet, old school Gamezebo readers should know the name Boomzap quite well. From Dana Knightstone to Otherworld, their games have provided a high watermark in the world of hidden object adventures.

Now, however, the studio is turning their eyes to a different marketplace: a portable RPG with a CCG twist.

On paper that may sound fairly common — but the screens they’ve shared with Gamezebo make it look like so much more:


And screens are all we have to go by. The team is remaining fairly tight-lipped on this one — instead they’d like you to check it out first-hand.

Gamezebo readers have been invited to join the closed beta for Super Awesome Quest. All you’ll need is an iOS device and a willingness to fill out the form located here. After that, Boomzap will contact you with the details just as soon as they next phase of the Beta test is ready to go.

I’ve signed up too. That screen is just too damned tempting to pass up.

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