Is Swap Heroes the Puzzly RPG You’ve Been Waiting for?

By Carter Dotson |

Savory Games has an upcoming title, Swap Heroes, that has quite the intriguing proposition: it’s a casual-friendly RPG that promises an easy-to-learn combat system, but won’t fail to test players.

Battles involve the player commanding a team of four characters with three on the front line, and one in the back. On each turn, players must swap characters to attack enemies, with the front line attacking after the swap. Swapping characters from back to front will activate their special ability. However, part of the challenge is that if any one character dies, they all die – so you have to be careful with your swaps.


It’s possible to spend in-game coins to upgrade characters, but Savory Games is promising that there will be no in-app purchases, so playing smart, rather than being rich, will be key to success.

Swap Heroes release date is schedule for October 21st, pending Apple approval. Chris Savory, head of Savory Games, did the code and design, with pixel art by Tori Sang of Scribblenauts fame, and Matt Creamer doing the music, aka the guy who did thesoundtrack to Slayin’.

Maybe it’s the pixel art, maybe it’s the interesting gameplay concept, but there’s something about this game that places it firmly on our radar. We’ll definitely be checking Swap Heroes out once it releases.

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