Is Mattel’s Magic 8 Ball Coming to iPhones Soon? …It is Certain

Announced this morning, Mattel’s iconic Magic 8 Ball fortune-telling toy is getting an iOS app.

Since the 1950s, the Magic 8 Ball novelty toy has been answering user’s questions with answers like, “It is certain,” “Signs point to yes,” or if you were pretty unlucky you’d get the cold, yet curt, “Don’t count on it.” What a heart-breaker that one can be.

Magic 8 Ball
via Mattel

Mattel is revamping the Magic 8 Ball concept a bit, as it prepares for the toy’s iOS debut. With social media integration to allow everyone to see the Magic 8 Ball shut down your hopes of marrying your celebrity crush, users can post directly to social media from the app’s interface. Daily questions will also allow users to compare their destinies to one another’s fateful predictions.

The Magic 8 Ball app will also take advantage of smartphone technology by allowing the user to ask the app questions through the dictation features of the phone, as well as allow the user to shake the phone to properly warm up the Magic 8 Ball for a new better answer.

The app will also support Apple Watch, so try not to hurt your wrist with all that shaking.

Look for the Magic 8 Ball in the App Store on April 24th.

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