Is Adrenaline Rush: Miami Drive the Game We Wanted Asphalt Overdrive to Be?

By Jim Squires |

80’s excess, fast cars, and endless runners seem like a match made in heaven – or so we thought until we played Gameloft’s Asphalt Overdrive last month. On paper, it sounded like everything we could have wanted. But in execution? Meh.

And so I’m looking at today’s announcement of Adrenaline Rush: Miami Drive with the requisite mix of trepidation and excitement. In spirit, the game’s sound virtually identical (though you’ll be on the run from the Miami police a few years earlier in the 1970’s), but looking at some of the details, and you can see where Adrenaline Rush: Miami Drive manages to set itself apart.


For one thing, this isn’t a lane-based runner. Developer Baltoro Games is promising free movement as you weave in and out of traffic. For another, it sounds like they’re focusing on doing only a few things well instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

And frankly, I’m just a sucker for cel-shaded graphics.

Like Asphalt Overdrive, Adrenaline Rush: Miami Drive will be a free-to-play offering. How that free-to-play is executed, however, can make all the difference in the world.

Find out for yourself when Adrenaline Rush: Miami Drive hits the App Store on October 16th.

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