Iron Marines Is the Next Game from Kingdom Rush’s Creators

Here at Gamezebo, we have an unabashed love the Kingdom Rush franchise. From the franchise’s original release through all of its various iterations, Ironhide Game Studio’s production of the Kingdom Rush games has consistently impressed.

So when they announce a completely new franchise? We get excited.

The new franchise in question is Iron Marines, a sci-fi role-playing game that still retains visuals recognizable to any Kingdom Rush fan while taking the experience to a place far out of this world. Players will get to control space soldiers, mechs, and aliens through different gameplay mechanics than their fans have grown used to. Ironhide Game Studio described Iron Marines to us as “more of a casual RTS” than a tower defense game. It’s been in the works for about a year, and the developers are aiming for a mid-2016 release.

Iron Marines

The impending release of Iron Marines does not mean that the Kingdom Rush franchise is getting left behind, though. Ironhide Game Studios have said that the Kingdom Rush franchise is still alive, and more games in that series are planned.

Expect to hear more about Iron Marines in the coming months.

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