Interactive Fiction Adventure 80 Days Gets Android Release Date

Inkle has been making epic waves in the re-burgeoning choose-your-own-adventure gamebook scene, thanks to adaptations of several high profile titles like Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! and its own Jules Verne-inspired epic 80 Days, but mainly thanks to its superb interactive fiction platform that drives these games.

80-Days-Android-02But first the good news. 80 Days has finally been given a release date for its Android version, and will be going live on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore on December 16. A worthy Christmas present to yourself that’ll get you through those long winter evenings in sensational steampunk style.

A powerhouse of interactive fiction and Victorian exploration, the game takes place in an alternate history that carries you around the continents on a race for fame and glory. This new Android release will also debut a brand new route that takes you via the arctic and adds around 30,000 words to the choose-your-own-adventure narrative. Don’t panic iPhoners; you’ll get the arctic update on the same day.

80-Days-Android-03The story offers huge replay/re-read value as you globe trot around 150 different cities in an effort to win the bet and return to London within 80 days. What’s particularly amazing about 80 Days is that you’re reading/playing in the same virtual space as everyone else, and you can see a live multiplayer feed on the 3D globe of who is where at any time. This allows you to share your journeys and even to race against friends.

Underneath all this is a great interactive fiction engine that Inkle has made available to the public. It’s great fun, so you’re highly recommended to go and give Inkle Writer a try and begin making your own interactive stories while you’re waiting for 80 Days to go live on Android.

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