Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome Preview

By Erin Bell |

Adventure is waiting for you in Italy, where you’ll help Inspector Francesca di Porta track down a married couple that seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth in Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome, Intenium’s upcoming hidden object game.

The strangest part of the mystery is that right before the couple disappeared, they won the biggest lottery jackpot in Italy’s history, but vanished without claiming a cent of it. As Francesca explores the narrow, winding alleys of the old city and ancient monuments like the famous Coliseum, the clues all start to point to Leonardo da Vinci – but what could the Renaissance artist and inventor have to do with this modern-day mystery?

Vanished in Rome is the third game in Intenium’s Insider Tales series, and will be introducing two new features into the hidden object scenes: the ability to scroll and to zoom in for a closer look. The game is launching very soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo and we’ll let you know the instant the game comes out. in the meantime, check out some screenshots or chat about the game in our forum.

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