INKS Will Add a Splash of Color to Pinball Soon

By Jennifer Allen |

Following on from Lume and the BAFTA-winning Lumino City, State of Play has taken a different route with its mext game, INKS.

Set for release on May 5th, INKS takes the concept of pinball and gives it a fresh coat of paint. Literally. With some very stylish bursts of color, your mission is to solve its many skill based puzzles while creating beautiful works of art along the way.

As you’d expect from the always visually stunning developers, INKS looks delightful. Spreading paint across a canvas in a fireworks style effect is immediately eye-catching, and quite wondrous to see things unfold. Each stage looks like a form of modern art, as you throw colors around.

With high score chasing in mind, it’ll be interesting to see just how INKS plays when it’s released next week.

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