Indie Adventure ‘A Dark Room’ Coming to Android in July

By Rob Rich |

Have you discovered the bleak but also compelling “no graphics” game that is A Dark Room yet? If not, play it! And no more excuses if you use an Android device because, according to the official Twitter account, it’s releasing on Google Play next month.

The often imitated (there are quite a few clones and rip-offs on mobile marketplaces these days) but never adequately duplicated adventure begins with players stoking a fire in – what else – a darkened room. Where it all goes from there is something I don’t want to spoil, but it’s pretty freaking cool and could easily lead to hours upon hours of play. It’s not just another Cookie Clicker, I promise.

a dark room

If you’re an Android user who’s been dying to check out this enigmatic adventure for yourself, keep an eye on Google Play in July – tentatively around the 13th. Honestly, even if you’ve never heard of A Dark Room, you still need to give this thing a look.

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