I Am Dolphin Swims onto the App Store Tonight

By Jim Squires |

It’s said that, while humans might be at the top of the intelligence food chain, dolphins rank a close second. Tonight, you’re going to have a chance to live the dolphin experience and see how true that is.

I Am Dolphin is a sea mammal simulator that’s all about swimming, eating, and surviving.

You’ll be able to play as three different sea creatures: a bottlenose dolphin, a Commerson’s dolphin, and an orca (aka, killer whale) as you evade pursuit from sharks and try to make a wide variety of fish your snacks.

The game is promising unique AI for each different shark and fish type. “Some lurk carefully, waiting for the opportune moment,” reads the game’s iTunes description.

I guess Alien: Isolation isn’t the only AI-powered predator game this week.


Judging from the trailer and screenshots, this looks like a gorgeous piece of mobile gaming that you’ll want to get your hands on. The physics look sharp – especially as you leap out of the water, Free Willy style.

If I Am Dolphin wasn’t on your radar for tonight’s new releases, it should be. Expect to snag this one for $2.99.

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