Hills of Glory: WWII Preview

Hills of Glory: WWII to drop players behind enemy lines next month

There are a lot of people in the gaming community who keep on hoping that Quentin Tarantino will design a video game. Let’s be honest: the chances of that actually happening rank somewhere between “slim” and “none.” However, Hills of Glory: WWII sounds as over the top as anything Tarantino would write, and that’s meant as nothing but a compliment.

Players take on the role of a lone sniper who’s trapped a bunker while countless troops continue to advance from all sides. At first, the only weapon available is a rifle, but new firepower like grenades, lasers, and a support helicopter are later unlocked.

This isn’t a standard defense title. Instead of placing towers around a map, players have to fight off the invading hordes all by their lonesome. Aside from the story campaign, the game contains a survival mode, and players can compete with their friends via OpenFeint and GameCenter.

As you can see in the game’s trailer, the graphics look pretty fun and varied. In fact, things look pretty different as players progress through the game’s fifteen different campaign levels.


Gameplay is set to be simple and intuitive: sniping enemies requires only a tap on the screen, drawing a line across the screen will shoot a burst of gunfire, holding down on a spot will pull the pin on a grenade, and drawing two vertical swipes will call in the air support.

Hills of Glory: WWII is set to hit the App Store for both iPad and iPhone in early June.

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