Highrise Heroes Combines Spelling With a Flight from Death

Disasters have a way of bringing people together. There are new friends, and there are obstacles to surmount. Sometimes there’s a monkey.

Highrise Heroes from Fallen Tree Games (the studio behind Quell) and Noodlecake Games (the studio behind the Stickman Golf games) stars a boy named Seb who must escape a skyscraper following a mysterious earthquake. And how does one escape a tower in peril? Fire exits? No! Word formation!

highrise heroes

Players “descend” the doomed building by linking letter tiles to spell words on a grid. Spelling words creates paths that let Seb progress to safety.

Seb makes friends on his trip, some of whom have special powers that can make the trip downstairs a little easier. But enemies are in pursuit, too. Seems this isn’t just an ordinary earthquake: There’s a lot going on, and not everyone is happy about Seb nosing in on their territory.

Highrise Heroes is free to download, though the free-to-play elements (such as lives and ads) can be removed with a single purchase. Sounds like a good compromise for people that love free games and folks that would rather pay one price for the full experience.

Highrise Heroes comes to iOS and Android on December 11.

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