Her Story 2 Teased by Creator Sam Barlow

If you were to ask me for a shortlist of the best games of 2015, Her Story would be at the top. (In fact… it was!) A clever blending of non-linear storytelling, faux-true crime, and full-motion video created an experience that was all at once wildly original and yet instantly recognizable. If the NPR podcast Serial was a video game, it would have been Her Story.

From an industry-watcher standpoint, the only question I had for developer Sam Barlow over the last six months was “what’s next?”

As of today, we have the first hints of an answer.

With a tweet, Barlow revealed to the world that Her Story 2 is indeed in the works. Following the conversation with his Twitter audience, he further confirms that Her Story 2 is a spiritual successor to the original, will also feature live acting, and has “no relation story-wise to Her Story.”

We’ll keep you updated as soon as there are any new clues in the mystery of Barlow’s latest game to report — and if you haven’t played the original yet, rectify that immediately.

[via Pocket Gamer]

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