HappyVille: Quest for Utopia Preview

By Erin Bell |

The promotional description for Gogii Games’ latest PC download game, an upcoming building sim called HappyVille: Quest for Utopia, comes in the unique form of a Help Wanted ad for the position of town mayor:

WANTED: Intelligent, enthusiastic individual for new leadership position, who possesses creative puzzle-solving skills, strives for perfection and who, first and foremost, loves to make people happy. Someone who can plan and anticipate needs, design freely and have the initiative to expand and grow.

If you think you are this person, please click download now.


  • Inspire and create Happiness
  • Adapt to new challenges
  • Deal with drastic changes
  • Look forward and be a leader!

 Quest for Utopia

This is Gogii Games’ first building sim, and in addition to the charming, slightly cartoonish graphics it looks like you’ll have plenty of tasks to juggle, from constructing and maintaining the different town districts (civic, housing, business, farming, and “decorations” like trees, fountains and park benches) to monitoring a wide range of statistics such as daily revenue, the cost of various amenities like hospitals and schools, and the well-being of your population in terms of the number of homeless and unemployed.

You’ll be able to prove whether you’re up to the task later this month when the game launches.

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