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Zynga brings multiplayer hangman to mobile phones in Hanging With Friends

Spelling words correctly should never be a life or death situation – unless, of course, you’re playing hangman. But what fun is hangman if you can’t play it with a friend? The fine folks at Zynga clearly feel the same way we do on the subject, which is why they’re gearing up to roll out Hanging With Friends, a multiplayer hangman game from the makers of Words With Friends.

In Hanging With Friends, players will take turns guessing words and creating words to guess as they try to stump their friends and competitors. Up to 20 different games can be played at once, so if you find one of your friends isn’t getting back to your game as quickly as might like, there’s nothing stopping you from starting up another. And don’t worry about not knowing when that wayward friend has finally returned to the game – push notifications will let you know the moment it’s your turn again.

Hanging With Friends Hanging With Friends

Players will also be able to choose from an assortment of cutesy avatars whose balloons will pop to signal a bad guess, and should you not be able to find a friend to play with, Hanging With Friends can match you up with a random opponent.

“We took a game that everyone knows and loves and reinvented it for the With Friends platform. Hanging With Friends is a truly social game that puts your creativity and puzzle-solving skills to the test,” said Paul Bettner, Vice President and General Manager of Zynga With Friends. “Our fans asked for more and we told them to hang in there. Hanging With Friends is what they’ve been waiting for – a new way to enjoy social play with your friends on the go!”

Like Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends will be available as an ad-supported free download, though players can opt to purchase a paid version that’s ad-free if they’d rather avoid being marketed to. There’s no specific release date pinned down, but Zynga tells us that you should expect to see Hanging With Friends hit the App Store “in the coming days.” If you’re already in Canada though, you’ll be pleased to know that Zynga’s latest has seen an early release in your country, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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