Green Valley: Fun on the Farm Preview

By Erin Bell |

When we last saw everyone’s favorite bumbling insect dad, Beetle Bug, he was rescuing his kidnapped kids in Beetle Bug 3. Now the poor guy has inherited a farm and takes his family out to the country only to discover that the "farmhouse" is actually a shack badly in need of repairs. So in Green Valley – Summer Rush, Beetle Bug gets up early every morning to turn the run-down farm into a flourishing business.

Green Valley – Summer Rush will feature more than 100 levels of match-three gameplay as well as bonus levels like sheep-shearing and bird hunting. You’ll be able to use the points you earn in the levels to build improvements for the farm.

The game also promises to have the same polished graphics, goofy characters and entertaining story that we’ve come to expect from Intenium’s Beetle Bug series.

A release date for Green Valley – Summer Rush is scheduled for September, 2008.

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