Get All The Way Up This Week With High Risers

Most times, you should not play around on very tall buildings, especially ones that aren’t quite finished yet. High Risers would be one of the rare exceptions.

In fact, you can jump around, up and through skyscrapers to your heart’s content in High Risers, the latest project from Kumobius, makers of Duet, Bean Dreams and Basket Fall. And when you get to the top, you can just parachute off the building.

(Note: don’t try this in real life, as you could get arrested. Or dead.)

high risers

We also appreciate the way that Kumobius described the game to us as “if Leap Day and Canabalt had a baby.” To clarify, they explained that High Risers is a cross between an endless runner and climber, with your character jumping ever higher and bouncing off walls while avoiding the gaps. And minding the gap is always advisable.

As you can see in the trailer, it also appears you’ll be able to unlock new characters to do all that jumping:

And yeah, some of those buildings look a little structurally unsound, but remember that this is just a game. Also you aren’t an architect — unless you are, in which case we apologize.

High Risers will be a free download with ads for coins and other offers. It’s expected to launch within a day or three, meaning it’s got an excellent chance of making our “Games You Need to Play” list later this week. Because we really do want to play it.

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