Galaxy on Fire – Alliances Preview

Where will your alliances lie?

Fishlabs has announced their newest MMORTS mobile game: Galaxy on Fire – Alliances. MMORTS, as it turns out, stands for massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, and this one already looks to be quite the promising effort. In the world of Alliances, three powerful and rival factions, the Terrans, Vossk, and Nivelians, are all vying for control of an unexplored planet, in order to capitalize on the promise of its valuable resources and ancient artifacts. The game combines the need for tactical and strategic thinking, along with the organizational skills of resource management to build and extend your empire across the stars. In the first few screenshots released of the game, we see players planting futuristic buildings across the surface of a fiery molten planet.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances

Developed on the ABYSS 3 engine, Fishlabs promises Galaxy on Fire – Alliances to bring “state-of-the-art 3D graphics and captivating storytelling, as well as top-notch sound design and gripping gameplay mechanics.” Alliances will be set in the acclaimed Galaxy on Fire universe, and will feature a free-to-play business model and blended mix of cooperative and competitive gameplay. While the tycoon management aspects of the game seem to be pretty firmly established, we have yet to get a better sense of the real-time action elements that will make up the other half of the game. My guess is it has something to do with piloting your fighter jet through space at lightning speeds, and shooting deadly lasers at everything in your path.

The acclaimed Hamburg developer is best known for their work on core titles like Blades & Magic, Rally Master Pro, and of course, Galaxy on Fire. But this will be Fishlabs’ first attempt at a F2P game, and they’ve amassed the biggest team by far in the developer’s history to accomplish that goal, and make sure that Alliances brings a console quality experience to the mobile screen. The original Galaxy on Fire games were full of fast-faced fighter plane action in space, so it will be interesting to see how this concept is translated into a more strategy and widely accessible approach.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances

The iOS version of Galaxy on Fire – Alliances has a loose release date of Q3 2013, with an Android port of the game planned for some time in the weeks after. In the months leading up to the game’s public launch, Fishlabs will be keeping fans up to date on all the latest Alliance news and tidbits on their developer’s blog. And for you lucky gamers on the west coast, a playable alpha version of the game will be available at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference in March, and Fishlabs assures us that the current build already looks “pretty amazing.” Something tells me we’ll be inclined to agree.

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