Frozenbyte Unveils Splot: a Squishy, Slimy Platformer

By Nadia Oxford |

Frozenbyte, the team behind the critically-acclaimed action / puzzle games Trine and Trine 2, has a new game in the pipeline. And if you’ve ever thrown a handful of Gak slime at a wall to listen to the delightful “splotch” sound it makes, then you’re in for a treat.

Seven years in the making (or so the folks at Frozenbyte tell us), Splot is an action game for iOS that’s coming before the end of the month (there’s a Splot release date of October 23rd.) It stars a handful of tiny, blobby aliens – Splots – that crash-land on earth after the bullying Hungry Blobs rear-end their space ship (“Go around! Go around!”)


The accident disturbs a flock of baby geese, which the Hungry Blobs quickly realize would make for good eating. Once the goslings are rounded up, the Splots realize it’s their duty to save the fuzzy yellow birds before they’re all consumed.

Splot is a fast-moving adventure. Its core mechanics involve action and platforming, but the Blob Kings are in constant pursuit of your Splot, which makes it vital for you to keep on the move by bouncing up walls, across ponds, and through pipes. It’s easy enough to grasp how the game plays, but staying one step ahead while rescuing all the birdlings on a stage isn’t simple.

If you think you need some time to really get the hang of rescuing birdlings before they become dinner, fear not. Splot features three different difficulty settings that speed up or slow down the gameplay accordingly. For an extra challenge, you can also collect puzzle pieces that unlock new Splot characters.

Eager to keep the birdlings from being Sunday dinner? Look for Splot on the App Store on October 23.

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