From Dust Preview

By Erin Bell |

From Dust features beautiful art and real-time gameplay.

From Dust has been described as “A modern God-game where nature is the star.” You play a mysterious character who can control the elements, and these powers become your village’s only chance of survival against devastating wildfires, earthquakes, torrential rains, and more.

Story mode features 13 different territories to explore, including tropical islands, volcanic landscapes, and deserts. The game features emergent, sandbox-style gameplay, where events happen in real-time and the world around you is constantly changing in unexpected ways. With your unique powers, you can harness the forces of nature to sculpt the world around you. You can stop flowing rivers and lava, empty lakes, grow forests and even raise mountains!

From Dust

Challenge mode offers another 30 maps of time-based puzzles, and players can compare high scores with other players through online worldwide leaderboards.

From Dust

From Dust will launch on Aug 17 on the PC, and can be pre-ordered now from GamersGate.

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