Follow the Rabbit Preview

Follow the Rabbit might just be the next big game to live in your pocket

Do you like brightly colored puzzle games like Triple Town, Cut the Rope, and Angry Birds?  Of course you do!  And as a fan of brightly colored puzzle games, you should be very excited for Armor Games upcoming Follow the Rabbit.  In it, you take on the role of Kermix, a blocky good samaritan whose goal in life is to return gold coins to his clumsy neighbor.  That neighbor is the rabbit of the game’s title.  You must follow him through 125 levels, picking up the coins that the bunny leaves in his wake.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how this game will play.  Usually a game’s trailer and is enough to convey its mechanics.  But Follow the Rabbit’s trailer leaves me scratching my head a bit — which is a good thing.  It looks to be a fairly unique puzzle game — one I’m not able to immediately categorize.  Each level is comprised of a collection of blocks suspended in the air.  As Kermix, you navigate these blocks with finger swipes while simultaneously avoiding dangerous baddies like bats and cyclopes — not to mention the ever present pit below if you’re unlucky enough to fall.

Some blocks can be pushed onto enemies or placed strategically to give you a step up.  Other environmental objects like balloons and clouds allow you to float upwards towards otherwise inaccessible places or bob across the screen towards your goal.  Exactly how all of this will come together, I’m still not sure.  One thing I can say is that I’m looking forward to finding out.

 Follow the Rabbit     Follow the Rabbit

And I’ll be able to find out very soon.  Follow the Rabbit will be coming to iOS platforms July 19.  With a $.99 price tag, Follow the Rabbit will be a lot of game.  Perhaps it will replace Angry Birds as your go to time killer?  

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