FNAF World Gets a Release Date

Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s RPG, FNAF World, recently received a release date. Look for the game on Steam come February 19. And if it’s anything like past FNAF releases, the mobile release will land on iOS and Android in the weeks that follow.

So we’re about a month away from release, and it’s still not crystal-clear what kind of a game FNAF World is. Sure, at first glance it seems as sugary as a Christmas cookie — but there are undertones of darker forces at work.


Of course, the February 19 release date is merely a suggestion. Scott  is infamous for disregarding his own deadlines and hitting the “Publish” button sometimes months in advance. Will we see FNAF World ahead of schedule?

Maybe, but maybe not. Along with the release date for FNAF World, Scott announced that he’s the proud father of a new baby boy, so he might have his hands too full to jump the gun.

Congratulations to Scott and his family on their bouncing baby Balloon Boy!

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