Flippy Knife Wants You to Celebrate Knives Without Bloodshed

When knives show up in mobile games, they’re weapons most of the time. When we say most, we mean as close as you can possibly get to 100 percent. Flippy Knife says, “Why’s it got to be that way?”

We agree, because some of our earliest and fondest memories of knives came at the local fair, where we won some at the game where you throw rings around knives until the cops arrive and shut the booth down (true story). So to us, Flippy Knife offering a “physics-based knife simulator” doesn’t seem strange at all.

With several modes that will test you accuracy and acumen at flipping and flinging real life blades. Flippy Knife also has another quality we admire, which is truth in titling. Check out the nifty trailer below for more of what Beresnev Games has in store.

Offering over 35 different knives to, um, flip, this game has caught our eye due to its simplicity and unorthodox take on something we generally only think of from one perspective. If you’re feeling this one, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be able to download Flippy Knife for iOS or Android on August 3, which is just around the corner – or more fittingly, just a short knife toss away.

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