Fix-it-Up 80s: Meet Kate’s Parents Preview

Third Fix-it-Up game launching later this month

We’ve just heard from developer World-Loom that the next Fix-it-Up time management game is almost ready to launch! In Fix-it-Up 80s: Meet Kate’s Parents… well, the title says it all really. You’ll flash back to the 80s as Kate’s mother and father work hard to get a series of struggling garages up and running as they build the Fix-it-Up legacy from the ground up. Check out some screenshots behind the cut.

 Meet Kate's Parents

Like previous games in this garage-themed time management series, Fix-it-Up 80s involves buying old clunkers, fixing them up, giving them a fresh coat of paint, and selling them at a profit. Gameplay allows for a fair bit of strategy as you juggle goals like “Sell 3 Cars” or “Earn $40,000.” In between levels you can spend coins on upgrading and personalizing the garage’s diner.

 Meet Kate's Parents

Fix-it-Up will launch later this month. Be sure to check back to Gamezebo to read our full review!

 Meet Kate's Parents

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