Finnish Fantasy Shines in Roguelike Sproggiwood

The whole idea of “being civilized” isn’t necessarily celebrated by all peoples everywhere. Being civilized requires us to be polite, considerate, and wear pants in public. Who needs that?

Okay, well, civilization has its benefits. Indoor plumbing is nice, for instance. It’s at least one good reason to tame the wild green world presented in Sproggiwood, a turn-based roguelike game that recently went up on Greenlight.

Sproggiwood is developed by Freehold Games, with an assist by Megan Fox (aka the dev behind the cat-rescuing Jones on Fire and the upcoming Hot Tin Roof). Sproggiwood introduces you to Sproggi, a mischievous forest spirit that pulls you from your humble farm and orders you to tame the wild beasts in your new home.


You can complete your task as one of six classes, including a farmer, warrior, archer, thief, wizard, or vampire (obviously the correct choice). You swing weapons and sling magic at monsters like slimes, goat-men, and flying fish while looting dungeons for cool gear.

Once you hack out a niche for yourself, you might make the acquaintance of a rival civilization. Will you greet them kindly, or cause a little blood to flow?

If Sproggiwood is Greenlit, it’ll hit PC, Mac and Linux. Other console releases may follow if there’s demand.

Interested in some Finnish-flavored roguelike action? Visit Sproggiwood’s Greenlight page.

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