Family Feud Matches Coming to Mobile, Live in Canada Now

If you’re one of those people who always thinks you could do better at Family Feud than the people on TV, it’s time to put up or shut up — at least in Canada. Family Feud Matches is now live north of the border, meaning you can prove that you’re actually as good as you think while maybe making some new connections at the same time.

What we mean by that is the way Family Feud Matches places a heavy emphasis on playing live matches against other people. It even uses a very similar system of swiping to a popular dating app (hint: its name rhymes with cinder) to decide who you want to invite to a match and who you’d rather not play.

Once you’ve got yourself a wiling opponent, the gameplay is like a streamlined version of the real world game show. Both players are asked the same question and get a limited time to offer up as many correct answers as possible based on answers provided by surveys. Unlike the TV show, both players are free to give the same answers, but the one to provide it first gets bonus points.

Wrong answers are shown to your opponent, giving them a heads up not to use them as their own answers — and vice versa, of course. Subsequent rounds offer double or triple scores so the lead can change in a hurry late in the game.

You can also take part in tournaments where you get matched against a different opponent in three different rounds as long as you win and keep advancing. Still, the emphasis is definitely on trying to match people up with others with similar interests and personalities, and there are very dating app-esque pushes to get you to fill out your profile.

Umi even threw in a stellar cool jazz version of the Family Feud theme to listen to while you wait for your next game. The only real problem is that if no one accepts your invitations, or you aren’t getting any yourself, you might be waiting a long time to play again. There’s also a coin system that controls how many rounds you can play in one session.

Still, there’s a reason Family Feud has been around as long as it has, and there’s an undeniable thrill in trying to guess the most popular answers before time runs out. We’ll be sure to throw up a red ‘X’ and make the buzzer sound when we know more about Family Feud Matches making it to the U.S.

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