Ex-Rovio and Fox Execs Unveil Best Fiends

By Nadia Oxford |

Seriously, a studio founded by former Rovio and Fox executives, has pulled back the curtain on its premier work. It’s called Best Fiends, and it features a lot of slimly slugs and wriggling bugs.

fiends_pic[1]Best Fiends is a puzzle game that includes elements of strategy. The title takes place in Minutia, a diverse kingdom inhabited by insects, lizards, and other creepy-crawlies. One day, a meteor smashes into Mount Boom and mysteriously transforms the mountain’s natives, the Slugs, into voracious conquerors.

When a small band of heroes suddenly find themselves parentless thanks to the antics of the Slugs, they resolve to do something about the invasion. Since they don’t have easy access to salt, they need to use their wits and teamwork to get the job done. Enter the “Best Fiends.”

howie-big1-395x350[1]The Fiends begin their journey as small fry, but gradually level up and change appearance to become real threats to slug-kind. The Fiend roster includes Temper (a termite), Howie (a lizard), Whisper (a yellowjacket that really wants to be a bee), and more.

Best Fiends is coming to mobile platforms with an October 2014 release date. Don’t step on any bugs until then: You maybe snuffing out a heroic quest.

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