Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale Preview

Travel from the Ocean Deep to the Lofty Skies. in Empress of the Deep 2

Gogii Games recently sent us a preview of The Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale, the upcoming follow-up to Empress of the Deep: The Dark Secret. Keep reading for our hands-on impressions of this upcoming hidden object adventure.

In the sequel we find Anna’s journey is not over yet. After barely escaping the destruction of the Ark by her demented twin sister, Anna awakens on a beach among scattered debris and a beached dolphin.

 Song of the Blue Whale

Anna discovers that her twin sister’s reach went far beyond the Ark: now Anna must explore the four unique sections of the seemingly abandoned Sky Temple to save the “children” and rescue the animal guides in order to put right everything that her sister corrupted.

 Song of the Blue Whale

In Empress of the Deep 2 you will find a rich and beautiful world comparable to the original, with a similar atmosphere and attention to detail. Gameplay is a blend of hidden object and adventure gameplay witih some puzzles thrown in for good measure. The game isn’t exactly linear, either. There’s a general path that the story leads you down, but you’re also free to explore large sections of the game at your leisure to discover where to go next and what to pick up.

 Song of the Blue Whale

Will you be able to save the Sky Temple? Will you save the children in time? Will you help rescue the animal guides? Or will your twin sister’s evil ways destroy yet another connection to what little is left of your past? Look for this anticipated sequel to be released by Gojji sometime in March. In the meantime, set a Gamezebo alert if you’d like to follow this game.

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