Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy Preview

Eclipse will put you at the head of an interstellar empire, jockeying for position and power in a galaxy on the brink of war.

Tensions are brewing in the galaxy. The Galactic Council, formed to maintain peace between the spacefaring races after years of devastating war, is crumbling under pressure. Alliances are formed in secret, while old treaties wither and die. War – again – seems inevitable.


This is the cauldron into which you’ll be thrown as the leader of a sprawling, powerful civilization in Eclipse, the new iOS strategy title currently in development at Big Daddy’s Creations. The game offers seven different races to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. You’ll have to explore new systems, research technology, design warships, and build up your fleet so that when the black curtain of war finally descends, you’ll be ready.

The video game version of Eclipse will stay true to the board game upon which it’s based, but will spice things up with animated objects, a rich soundtrack and other effects, while a dynamic technology tree and custom star systems ensure that every new game will be different than the last. It will also support asynchronous multiplayer, so you can unleash the horrors of intergalactic war on your friends and neighbors.


It’s a bit difficult to tell what exactly is happening in the “in-development” video on YouTube, but the interface appears clean and simple, and it looks great. Eclipse will launch first on the iPad, with an iPhone version expected to follow; ports to other platforms aren’t currently planned but may come in the future. Look for it to come out sometime in February.

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