EA Announces Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Though there are a bunch of Star Wars games out there for mobile devices, EA is convinced that none of them are “the Star Wars game mobile players have been waiting for,” which is what EA’s Samantha Ryan called the title announced during its E3 presser, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Described as a CCG role-playing experience — meaning it has card collecting and/or battling elements of some kind — Galaxy of Heroes is said to feature well-known characters and ships from throughout Star Wars history, drawing on both movie trilogies, the Clone Wars and more. Given that it’s supposed to arrive later this year, I’d wager a substantial amount of money on The Force Awakens getting in the mix as well.

This isn’t new territory for the brand, as there have been several card-related Star Wars games on mobile over the past few years. But you can’t help but think that this one has a better chance than most to catch on, simply because EA is involved.

EA is promising more info on Twitter and Facebook over the coming months, so direct your Force-related abilities toward social media to keep tabs on this one.

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