Dynasty Warriors Is Coming to Mobile for the First Time

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has done some pretty big business for Tecmo Koei, shifting more than 18 million units over its lifetime. So it’s sort of a surprise that it’s taken this long for it to head to mobiles. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Dynasty Warriors Mobile. It’s the first entry in the series designed specifically for those devices in your pocket you used to make calls from, and it’s getting its premiere at E3 later this month.

The game is being built from the ground up for iOS and Android, and looks to be a slightly more focused take on the historical scrapping that the series is famed for.


Rather than taking on massive hordes of enemies, it looks like Dynasty Warriors Mobile will feature one on one battles, with side-scrolling sections that link the scraps together. You’re still going to be watching that KO count rise though, otherwise it just wouldn’t feel right.

There are 50 different warriors to collect, as well as 100 equipment cards, 300 items cards and 10 mount cards. That’s a lot of cards. And the control scheme is designed to work on mobile, with simplified attacks and counters letting you concentrate on slaughter.


There’ll be PvP and PvE sections too, so you can mash your friend’s faces into oblivion if that’s the sort of thing that you’re into. We don’t have a release date for the game yet, but with it getting its debut at E3, expect more info to trickle out in the next few weeks.

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