Dying for Daylight, Chapter 1 Preview

By Lynne Basinet |

Hands-on with Dying for Daylight

Charlaine Harris scored a hit with her Sookie Stackhouse novels, and inspired the fab HBO hit, True Blood. She’s baaaack! This time, it’s with Dahlia – a drop-dead, gorgeous vampire, with a killer sense of style and witty barbs that go straight for your eyes. Dahlia needs our help to find the Sun Potion in Dying for Daylight, an upcoming hidden object adventure from I-play that’s sure to get your puzzle solving juices flowing. Intrigued? I sure was. Gamezebo got our hands on a preview copy of the game, and we’re delighted to give you our first impressions.

In Dying for Daylight you’ll embark on an epic, often hilarious journey over 4 complete episodes as you help Dahlia find the mysterious and fabled Sun Potion to cure her and her fellow vampires once and for all by allowing them to survive in daylight.

The gameplay focuses on hidden object scenes, clever puzzles and various tasks aimed at finding members of the Cirque Terrible, each of whom holds a piece of the formula for recreating the Sun Potion.

Episode 1 is set in New Orleans in the Vampire Quarter, or “VQ,” as those in the know call it. The hidden object scenes are cleverly set up and offer a nice challenge without resorting to uber small objects. Some include interactive objects, and there’s even an hilarious take on the “Whack A Mole” arcade-style game — or should I say “Whack An Undead” — in one Hidden Object scene.

The puzzles we encountered in our preview were moderately challenging; a couple of them may have you scratching your head, but in a good way. There’s one where you get to play a wickedly funny “dress up Dahlia” game that serves a purpose and isn’t a running gag that will bore you to tears.

Throughout, Dahlia’s commentary will have you in stitches. The artwork and graphics are outstanding, the story is well told and the rockin’ audio won’t have you running for your mute button. I particularly enjoyed the vampy rock ballad that plays in the Main Menu and a few other non-game areas.

While the preview copy was still a work in progress in some areas, overall, this game looks “almost ready for prime time” and I’m definitely looking forward to the series.

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