Drone: Shadow Strike Wants You to Wage War from a Safe Distance

By Jim Squires |

For all of the games that claim to feature “modern” warfare, few actually represent one of wars’ most common faces in the 21st century: unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drone: Shadow Strike from Reliance Games is looking to change this when it hits the App Store this October. Players will fill the faraway shoes of a drone pilot as they command their UAV to take out a variety of ground-based targets across 20 missions that will see players “defend, escort allies, ensure survival and immerse into real warfare,” says Reliance Games CEO Manish Agarwai in a recent press release.

Drones SS 5

At the risk of editorializing, UAV’s have been accused of making war seem more like a video game, so I can’t help but feel a sense of irony when a company makes an actual UAV video game. It’s not the first game to tackle the subject – Unmanned did it back in 2012 – but whereas that was meant to be a biting social commentary, Drone: Shadow Strike seems to be more of an authentic simulation.

Expect Drone: Shadow Strike to launch for free on iOS this October.

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