Dream Builder: Amusement Park Preview

Create your own thrills in Dream Builder: Amusement Park

Fans of in-depth amusement park simulation games like Theme Park and Rollercoaster Tycoon haven’t been given a new game to sink their teeth into for some time, but with Fugazo’s upcoming Dream Builder: Amusement Park, all of that might change.

Dream Builder: Amusement Park will see you inheriting your very own theme park, as you’re challenged to grow and maintain that park by adding the best rides, shops, food stalls, decorations and more. There will be more than 50 rides and attractions to build, ranging from the expected items like roller coasters, bumper cars and tea cups to more unique offerings such as a parachute drop or hang gliding experience. Food stalls look to also be fairly unique, as restaurants are incredibly themed, with a taco stall being shaped like an actual taco, as an example.

 Dream Builder: Amusement Part

Dream Builder: Amusement Part

After you’ve become a pro at the game and have successfully built your first amusement park, you’ll be challenged with building three more, for four full theme parks in all. As you build each park, you’ll earn hearts based on customer feedback, with these hearts serving as a kind of currency in the game. You’ll spend these on researching new rides for our parks, with many rides being upgradable.

Dream Builder: Amusement Park should launch on PC sometime this fall, so make sure to follow the game right here on Gamezebo to be the first to know when you can build your very own amusement parks for your visitors to enjoy.

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