Downwell Gives You Gun Boots, Pushes You Down a Well

Falling from high places is pretty scary. Falling from high places onto giant, nasty, toads, is even worse. But what about falling from high places while wearing gun boots where the recoil from firing them keeps you afloat while also letting you blast apart the toad before you land?

Falling doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Downwell is a game from Ojiro Fumoto about falling down a dark well filled with nasty critters, and blasting those nasty critters apart before you land. The one down-side to these awesome gun boots is that they can only shoot straight down.

You may think that I read a very similar description of Downwell on a bulleted list on the game’s website. Well, to my enjoyment, I ascertained all of that while interacting with Downfall’s animated website. The website, designed by Noel Berry, tells the visitor everything they need to know about the game, as they scroll through a simulated version of Downwell.

Never, ever, steal from the shopkeeper.

“A curious game,” the website says, “about a young man falling down a well.”

The site goes on to detail that Downwell is being developed for both Android and iOS devices and has a tentative 2015 release date.

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