Deus Ex GO is a Thing, Complete With Trailer

Square Enix told the world over the last few weeks that it was going to unveil the “Deus Ex Universe” during a special pre-E3 showcase that included footage from the next release in the console series. Happily, there was a reason to watch for us mobile gaming folks as well.

That’d be Deus Ex GO, the next title in the … well, it’s not really a series since it involves different IPs every time, but since “assortment of loosely collected games with some similar gameplay elements and some new twists” is too long, we’ll call it the GO series. Square Enix Montreal is handling this one as well after showing us all what kind of creativity is possible within certain constraints with Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO.

Instead of just revealing that the game was coming and calling it a day, Square Enix also dropped a trailer, which you can see here.

Not much is shown in that brief glimpse of gameplay except for someone taking out an enemy from behind (because attacking from the front = death in GO games), but given how many things the developers of Lara Croft GO did to differentiate it from Hitman GO, it’s reasonable to expect that this one will feature some things no one will predict.

Thanks to Polygon, we know that some of those things will involve “hacking and augmentations” and that a level editor will be released, which sounds like all kinds of fun. No release date or even window has been announced yet, but hey, isn’t E3 coming up soon and a possible spot for more information to be revealed? Yes, yes it is.

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