DestinyQuest Infinite Blends Gamebooks and RPG

I loved choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks back in the 80s, and I’m thrilled to see their long-awaited resurgence on the touchscreen platforms. In fact, I dare to say they’re better now than they were in print and paper, although I sometimes miss being able to keep a finger in the last page, just in case.


A stalwart in the digital gamebook realm has been in touch with Gamezebo to tell us all about its upcoming title DestinyQuest Infinite. This comes to us from New York-based developer QuestForge (the gamebook arm of Adventure Cow, which has previously delivered interactive stories via email to interactive fiction lovers), and promises a rich, enticing blend of Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG action and a self-directed, CYOA-style fantasy narrative.

“Become an adventurer and journey through the lands of Valeron,” the synopsis reads. “Encounter strange creatures and magical individuals, embark on quests, and follow the trail to uncover your identity.”

This is actually an adaptation of an existing print gamebook by Michael J. Ward, and includes a host of different quests, characters and stories that are determined by the choices you make while reading. There’ll be hundreds of skills for you to acquire, plenty of items and equipment, and a class-based quest system as you journey through the epic-sized storylines.

It’s still in development, but QuestForge has been good enough to share a browser-based demo with Gamezebo readers of the work-in-progress so you can get an idea of what to expect when DestinyQuest Infinite goes live.

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