Design Home Is a Home Decor Game (and It’s Going to Be HUGE)


In spite of the thousands of games that hit the App Store every month (or maybe because of it), few truly unique ideas really manage to float to the surface. Design Home, a new game from Crowdstar that is currently in Canadian soft-launch, is one such rarity. Currently sitting at the #4 spot on the Canadian top free games charts, Design Home takes a task we’re all familiar with — trying to arrange a room — and turns it into a game with just the right mix of elements to keep players hooked.

Best known nowadays for Covet Fashion, a game similar in spirit if nothing else, Crowdstar have crafted in Design Home a game that offers photo-realistic furniture and accent placement that feels like something off of the IKEA website. Tasked with decorating different rooms in different settings, players will finish their masterpiece of style and comfort, then vote on the decorating skills of other players to earn currencies that will allow them to decorate more rooms.

design home crowdstar

In fact, the furniture goes one step beyond photo-realistic — it’s all real furniture from real brands, meaning you can add anything you like from the game to your real living room environment (provided you have the means).

Design Home is a simple idea, but it’s one that’s instantly appealing. Couple this with the fact that players will buy and unlock new furniture to add to their warehouse as they make their way through daily challenges — and the daily challenges themselves, that put certain restrictions on what you can and can’t place — and you’ve got a wonderfully compulsive experience for those who can’t resist a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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Designing real rooms with real pieces of furniture; voting on the work of others; buying new furniture and accents as you go — it’s not often that we’re ready to declare a winner before a game launches worldwide, but I’ll be dumbfounded if this isn’t 2016’s next big mobile hit. It’s basically Pinterest: The Game. How could this possibly miss?

Canadian gamers can get in on the action by downloading Design Home for free from the App Store or Google Play right now.

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