Darkside Detective Boasts Bite-sized Mysteries for Mobile

Born out of the Galway Game Jam, Darkside Detective is a silly little point-and-click (or point-and-tap, in today’s touchscreen-filled world) mystery game where players attempt to solve the various paranormal mysteries that are plaguing the town of Twin Lakes. The game stars Detective McQueen, a paranormal investigator who lost his family when a mysterious talisman consumed them whole.

At first he was the laughing stock of the department, but as more and more strange phenomena occurred throughout Twin Lakes, the department increasingly relied on McQueen’s expertise.


As Detective Francis McQueen, players will scour the crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses, and piece together puzzles to figure out exactly what happened. A demo of Darkside Detective is available on the game’s website and showcases the type of mysteries that players can expect to get in the final game.

In the demo a little girl goes missing, apparently without ever leaving the house, and McQueen is sent to investigate. After collecting some clues, the antagonist is revealed and the little girl is rescued. The entire episode took just a few minutes but that will lend much to the game’s overall flexibility on mobile devices, where short bursts of gameplay are the norm.


Darkside Detective is being developed for smartphones and tablets and is expected out at some point later in the year.

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